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Rolm Design Studio is a residential design office serving corporate, institutional, and private clients. Our offices in Northern and Southern California provide comprehensive design services for the development of new residential buildings, renovation of existing structures, and every aspect of architecture design.

At Rolm Design Studio we do not endorse a particular architectural style.  Our design portfolio contains a variety of architectural styles as different as our clients.  Each project expresses a particular aesthetic created in response to a program, a site, and a shared vision. 

Our approach to design is user-centric and site-specific, rooted in a passionate belief that our highest responsibility as a designer is to cultivate what is unique about each project, each client, and each opportunity.  This holds true whether we are designing a retail facility, executive offices or a private residence.  There can be no greater fulfillment than to engage a client deeply and jointly craft a design that exceeds both of our expectations.




Mehran Soltanzadeh is the founder of Rolm Design Studio and managing principal of the office.

Mehran has more than 15 years of design experience. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from the Azad University of Iran.

Mehran's expertise spans a wide variety of new and renovations of various project types including commercial parks, residential-industrial city, warehouses, subway system, outlets, museum and residential. He is especially well-versed in project management and construction administration. He has successfully guided many projects through the entitlement process, skillfully negotiating with user groups, neighborhood groups, consultants, and regulatory agencies in order to gain consensus and keep these projects on schedule. He is flexible in his approach, easily accessible to clients, and an excellent communicator with the entire project team.



After completing her master’s degree program from the Azad University of Iran. Ladan has worked on a wide range residential projects, as well as adaptive reuse of commercial and multi-family housing.  She’s played a key role for interior design projects as artistic design.

Ladan excels in project team communication and maintains positive on-going relationships with clients, consultants through project completion and beyond.  She has taught architectural design courses at architectural schools in Iran.

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